Software Engineering Intern at Facebook

At Facebook, I worked on a team in the Instagram Business Verticals Organization, focusing on automated advertisement destinations. I specifically worked on building a content detection crawler for external websites and an internal tool to use, monitor, and debug the content detection crawler and related algorithm. Facebook is a company focused on giving people the power to build community and bring the world together.

Me, working from the beach :)

Software Engineering Intern at Alteryx Innovation Labs

In this internship, I worked on open source automated machine learning tools for the first few months, and then spent the rest of the internship creating an API for an end-to-end automated machine learning process supported by the open source tools I had worked on during the first part of the internships and previous summer. Alteryx is a company focused on automating analytics, and the Innovation Labs specifically focus on machine learning.

Me, working from home :)

Machine Learning/Software Engineering Intern at Feature Labs

In this role, I designed and implemented software for enterprise and open source automated machine learning software, created a python library focused on Natural Language Processing in the feature engineering stage of machine learning, and improved the reliability and functionality for both open source and commercial products. Feature Labs is a company founded out of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab that foucses on automating the feature engineering stage of machine learning.

Nice views from the office

Peer Adivising Fellow at Harvard University

As a PAF, I guide 7 first year students in curricular and extracurricular decisions, and arrange weekly study break for entryway of twenty-seven students along with team of other fellows and a proctor.

Picture of my fellow PAFs and me

Co-founder at Seniors Connect

I cofounded a business focused on connecting generations through technology. In this role, I helped over 200 senior citizens around the Charlottesville area learn about technology. My cofounding partner and I pitched the business at the Tom Tom Festival Crowdfunded Pitch Contest in 2016 and won $5000 and a place in the Darden School of Business' incubator Lab summer accelerator.

winning pitch night!

Swim Coach and more at Fry's Spring Beach Club

Coached yougest age group of local summer swim team, lifeguarded, worked as a cafe employee, and taught volunteer swim lessons here. Taught over 200 kids life saving swimming skills.

Me and my fellow swim coaches